I went on missions between junior and senior year of high school and during training we had a car wash fund raising thing. It was the best organized car wash I’ve ever been a part of. It was basically a drive thru wash with people. So the people stayed in their cars and creeped forward to each section. At the front of the line people passed out a little flyer saying what the organization was about. Then rinsers. Then soapers. Then more rinsers. Then dryers with chamois. At the back of the line they could give donations, no obligation.

It was great because it was successful on every level. It build a spirit of teamwork, camaraderie and servanthood. The people who came felt good about it because it was free, no obligation. And enough people donated that it was profitable. Victories all around.

What I remember most about that day was the last car to come in. Not a car really. A semi. That was absolutely filthy. Took forever to clean, and the guy didn’t donate anything. But still, a victory.

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