Last week one of the Newsweek finance writers, the female one, wrote how she believed the war was primarily about oil. That’s the second reference I’ve heard in a week now where a reasonably intelligent person (the Cal prof being the first), i.e. not one of your idiot protestors, says that. Still no clue whether it’s true but I find that interesting.

Another war note. So the Mercury News is pretty much unabashedly liberal, based on the editorial page. Which is why I was surprised with a recent editorial where they assessed the claims George W. made about Iraq and how the war would be months ago. Their analysis: he was right on almost everything, save 2 points. I can’t recall those points exactly, I think one had to do with WMD, which haven’t been conclusively found yet I think, and the other having to do with postwar Iraq which can’t be evaluated yet. But it gave him credit for being right on many things which I thought was an amazingly balanced view. I give the Merc “eProps”.

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