Just downloaded DeadAIM. It’s pretty useful, just for one feature – tabbing. That way you just have a single window open with tabs for each person, like with Mozilla. Awesome.

Just got Mozilla 1.3 also. Dude, this thing is awesome. You can do search as you type by typing ‘/’, works like cntl-s in emacs. That is awesome. Cntl-Shift-F goes straight to the search engine page of your choice. Tabbed windows. Auto image sizing so oversize pics are resized to fit your window for pages like Sammy’s. I dunno, it’s pretty dope.

You know what I find an interesting phenomena. Whether sports fans cheer or boo someone who left the team. Like Dusty Baker just came back to SF with the Cubs and he got a standing ovation. But if I recall correctly, Jeff Kent got booed. I remember Scottie Pippen got booed pretty hardcore by Houston fans when he came back with Portland. But Hakeem got nothing but cheers. I dunno, interesting to me.

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