So a Survivor post. Nonsensical, because people who have seen it will already know it and those who haven’t won’t care. Oh well.

I loved last week’s show’s challenge. What they did was ask each one to fill out a questionnaire. Almost high school slam book esque, as Rob pointed out. Who do you have a crush on. Who’s the craziest. Who would not be able to survive on an island on their own. Stuff like that.

The challenge was, they had to guess which of them came up as the most popular answer to the questions. The reason why it was fascinating was because they had to honestly assess what other people thought. You couldn’t be modest or whatever, you had to be honest. Immunity was at stake. So some interesting things came up.

Like, Jenna was just absolutely shocked when she was the most popular answer to who uses their looks to manipulate others or something like that and who would not be able to survive on their own. You could see it in her face – she was crushed. And it’s somewhat shocking that she was. I mean, as a 3rd party viewer you can see that both of those things are true. But apparently she had this delusional view of herself and it crushed her when that came face to face with reality, what people actually thought. Fascinating.

Fascinating because I wonder how delusional I am. Or other people. About how people view us and others. I dunno, it would be semi interesting to do a survey like that with people we know. And then more than the most popular answers themselves, it would be fascinating to see what people *think* are the most popular answers. Don’t you think that would say something? I dunno.

I guess I just wonder how delusional our self-perception is. It’s interesting to me.

The other great thing about the challenge was Matt. Unanimous pick for most insane. Even he picked himself. The other awesome question was who do you have a crush on. Most people picked Heidi as the most popular answer. Heidi picked Jenna. Matt picked himself. How utterly delusional. Most people can’t stand the guy. At the very least creeped out by him. And he thinks most people like him. Hilarious.

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