I disagree with hun. It has nothing to do with trophies. Asian guys (the ones who like white girls) like white girls because in Western society, white girls are presented as the epitome of beauty. That’s not my idea; I think Spike Lee plays with that in Jungle Fever with black guys / white girls.

I’m kind of surprised Henry never found a white girl attractive. I dunno, I’m just the result of my environment growing up. There weren’t that many Asians in my classes. What can you do.

Anyway, read this page on interracial marriage statistics among Asians. The second page is more interesting, dealing with Asian Americans raised in America. Since I’m Korean, the Korean stats interest me most: 54.3% of KA husbands are married to other Koreans, 34.8% to whites, 8.3% to other Asians. Is that not fascinating? 34.8% doesn’t sound like exceptions to me. I dunno, weird.

For KA women, only 20% are married to other Koreans. 25% are married to other Asians, and 50% are married to whites. I actually don’t understand how the statistics match up but whatever. I find that fascinating.

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