So I e-mailed Bev saying it might drive her crazy, and then telling her about my friend who got the 90 on Minesweeper. She responded with something interesting. Why should it drive her crazy? She doesn’t need to be the best at Minesweeper.

It was a very female response in that it was completely reasonable. Makes sense. Why should that drive anyone crazy? What does him getting that score have anything really to do with her or me? Makes absolute sense.

Unfortunately, I’m not female. Argh, 90. I’m down to 111 but 90 is a full 19% better than I’ve *ever* done. That just boggles my mind.

Anyway, if you’re feeling loserish check out this page. Real time videos of incredible Minesweeper games. The 43 is ridiculous. I’ve analyzed it kind of in slow mo and he’s basically twice as smart as me, but at a speed 5 times as fast as me. Incredible. I have no idea how much time he must have spent getting that good and achieving those scores. What a big fat loser. It goes without saying that I’m jealous.

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