Loved Matrix Reloaded. Between 4 and 4.5 stars. Anyway, no spoiler here, but if you haven’t seen it already stay until the end of the credits. They show a trailer for the 3rd movie. You probably know that already but yeah.

Actually, no, gonna say a little bit, so, maybe you should skip the rest if you haven’t seen. I was gonna post to jbb instead but the thread is so boring. I could only get through Dave’s first and Henry’s outline post. Anyway, yeah, spoilers follow, maybe.

Should I just start with things I didn’t like about the movie? I dunno, there were a lot of things wrong with it that I recognize. Still loved it. But a lot was in spite of, not because. Pretty much agree with what Scott said. I rewatched the first Matrix last night and I realized it’s a really tight movie. Every scene really moves the movie along. Reloaded there feels like a lot of fat. Like the whole dance/sex scene. I dunno, you could say it represents like religious euphoria or whatever but it was just odd. Lots of scenes like that.

Agree with Henry kinda also, that they didn’t elucidate critical points too well. Not that they need to explain everything, it’s just how it was done was odd at bits.

I was kind of uncomfortable the first 30 mins. You know what it was. For some reason, I was picking up a Star Trek vibe. That’s not a good thing. I dunno, the first movie is a bit cheesy on repeated viewings but the first part of Reloaded felt Star Trek hokey. Fine for ST. Not for Matrix. I dunno, I guess I just went with it after a while. Part of it was the music I think.

Another thing – Laurence Fishburne totally oversays his lines in the first movie. That’s one of the things that amuses Jieun. The pairing of someone who not exactly overacts but overrecites his lines with someone who can’t act. Good times. But yeah, in Reloaded does he not take it to another level? How do people stand listening to Morpheus? I would just have this irrepressible urge to give him a wedgie. Lighten up, dude. Talk like a human being.

But yeah, there was so much good about the movie I still give it 4 stars. I thought it was absolutely fascinating.

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