More Reloaded spoilers.

So one response. It’s been said that there’s no character development in Reloaded. My question is, are you on crack? How do you define cd? Is it something happening to the character? Or learning more about the character? By either measure, Reloaded had lots of it.

That’s another thing I liked about Reloaded. It introduced complexity to the characters in a good way. It didn’t cheat, meaning, there weren’t things that you find about the characters that come completely out of left field and make no sense in light of what you knew before. You can see how they really do make sense in light what you already know. But at the same time, the stuff you learn isn’t so obvious that it should just be left unsaid, like most of the stuff in Star Wars episode II.

Like Morpheus. In Matrix you think he must be a huge leader and that he represents all the free people. In Reloaded you see he’s not that big a guy, in fact he’s seen in Zion as more of a fringe element. (Which makes sense given the freaking pompous way he speaks.) Interesting. There’s doubt and speculation about him. Even from within at the end.

Trinity – you learn interesting things about what it’s like to love Neo. Like, sometimes she has to let go of what she wants because of who he is. Like going into the Matrix (initially). Or sometimes she can’t be with him because the people need him. Or she needs to give him up somewhat to busty Italian women. I think that’s interesting. Her love is complicated and it requires some sacrifice.

Oracle. You learn she’s not a human, which makes the stuff in the first Matrix make a lot more sense. Learn she might actually be a part of the system. Or not. In any case, her character goes through a lot of development even though she’s barely on the screen.

Agent Smith. Gets unplugged from the system. One of my favorite ideas of the movie, that the machines aren’t necessarily united. I dunno, Agent Smith becomes a really interesting character. He brings up all these questions about purpose, how you need purpose to exist. Interesting heady stuff.

Neo. Interesting developments with him also, how he has more connection to the machines. How being the One has practical burdens in addition to its benefits. And the whole stuff with the Oracle and the Architect, stuff that says about Neo.

And yeah, the Matrix is a character also and that goes through development in the movie. And the new characters, I think at least some of them added some interesting ideas, especially the Merovingian. Anyway, yeah, it’s impossible to convince someone to like the movie, either they liked it or they didn’t. So the characters, either you cared or you didn’t. But for those who cared, I just think the movie had a lot to offer in terms of development. It’s interesting stuff.

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