Another Reloaded note. Spoilers.

Like I said before, I don’t think the movie presented everything with crystal clarity. But I don’t think these problems were overwhelming either. When I think about it, there were only 2 things that were kind of unclear to me when watching the movie. One, the architect scene, but even with that I understood the choice Neo was making while watching. I dunno. The other thing unclear to me was the very end, who that guy was on the other table with Neo. I’m still confused about that one.

But yeah, the other questions I had weren’t about “what did I see” but “what does that mean.” And I liked that, because, in my opinion, they were valid, interesting questions. That’s the better way to do it. The worst thing would have been if everything were elucidated in an obvious way. Which is pretty much Episodes I and II in a nutshell where nothing is subtle and everything is obvious.

So yeah, for me, the vast majority of the questions I had were “good” questions, and only a couple of them the what happened variety. But I understand other people felt differently and that’s fine.

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