Question. Do you consider Jamba Juice a drink or a meal? My wife thinks of it as a drink. So she gets it with a sandwich or something. I’m in the meal camp. Just, do you remember when they had the slogan “Drink Your Next Meal”? Maybe this was in the Juice Club days. At any rate, to me it’s a meal. An unsatisfying meal, but a meal nonetheless.

So I didn’t actually ask Dave to write road trip wrapups, just if he was gonna do it. No clue why. I’ve actually done writeups for RT I-III, but he does better writeups in general, so.

Not that anyone asked, but I actually felt somewhat unsatisfied with RTIII. I may have mentioned this in the writeups. But to me, it just felt kind of abbreviated and rushed. I’m not sure why. But for me, RTIV was great. Which I don’t understand, because it was more abbreviated (less time total) and rushed (less time in each city) than RTIII. Maybe part of it was I just needed a break from work? Not sure.

So yeah, I would rank the trips, from best to worst, I, II and IV (tied), then III. Not that anyone cares.

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