More on JFK. Spoilers. Ha.

I’m with Ockham’s razor also, which is why I believe there was a conspiracy. To me, that’s a more simple explanation than the LHO single shooter theory. From the path of the bullet to the wounds to the “police” on the grassy knoll to the people dying within 3 years to the way JFK jerks. The simplest explanation is a conspiracy. The single shooter theory depends on massive coincidence and improbability. I dunno, my claim.

I dunno, you just have to see the video of his head snapping backwards. I saw those links Dave posted, eh. The melons, yeah, some of the melon goes forwards, but parts go backwards also. With JFK, everything goes backwards. His head, his body, and parts of his skull and brain, which is what Jackie climbs back to retrieve. I dunno, just doesn’t make sense. The standard explanation is possible sure. Just doesn’t seem likely. Karate chop to the neck. Come on.

But yeah, just one of those things we won’t know until we go to heaven. Has anyone else thought this before? I once had like a long list of things I wanted to know that I was gonna ask God in heaven. As if I would still care about them after I died. But yeah.

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