Random, but the more I think about The Contender, that movie, the more depressed I get. This isn’t really a spoiler, but the whole premise of the movie is that a politician’s personal life is just that – personal, and thus no one else should care about it.

I cannot think of a more anti-Christian idea. No, that’s overbold. But it is antithetical to Christianity. Which says it’s not exactly what you do that matters so much as your character. Pharisees cared about appearances, Jesus cared about the inside.

I dunno, the modern world makes me sad sometimes. The attitude is, who cares if people are evil, if they’re good at what they do. DC freaking re-elected Marion Barry after he got caught smoking crack. Insane. I dunno, the Bible is the exact opposite. Everytime it discusses who should lead, be it the leaders Moses appoints to judge or deacons or elders or pastors, character is key. Even when the job is just distributing food.

I think that’s sad. To me, Bill Clinton is the ultimate symbol of this political and maybe social era. If the cultural attitude is that character doesn’t matter, just how good you are at what you’re supposed to do, you will raise up people who are good at what they do with no moral character. I’m just against that.

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