Let me be more precise. Not saying the solution is elegant, but the explanation, if that makes any sense. Sure, if it was an algorithm problem, whatever, different criteria. Stuff like efficiency matters. But it’s just a puzzle, asking if it’s possible. So the main question is, what is the key to the problem.

On those terms, I think an elegant explanation is one that identifies the key concepts and crucial insights of a problem clearly and cleanly. That’s it.

Even on the robustness scale, I fail to see how Mark’s solution qualifies as elegant. It’s a very particular solution. It doesn’t capture all solutions to this problem. Doesn’t capture my solution. Doesn’t capture Dr. Jung’s solution. It’s a single, particular solution. So how is it robust?

I actually think you’re still failing to see the critical insight to the problem, why the monster being 4 times faster matters, how that relates to π, and why no other (integral) value is possible for this problem. But whatever, you’ll figure that out soon enough, I guess. Have fun with Excel.

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