2 thoughts went through my mind last night during Bible study of Philippians 3.

One, I love a phrase Paul uses to describe the circumcision cult. “Their god is their stomach.” Great phrase. I dunno, it’s the Merovingian again. I’m beating this into the ground, but whatever. Outside of Christ, you have no control, you’re under the power of your urges. I dunno. It’s a great phrase though.

The other thing is I love how Paul starts chapter 3: “Finally…”. As if he’s going to end. And then he proceeds to continue with half of the letter. Classic.

It just reminded me of that one FiCS meeting sophomore year, listening to the most long winded British speaker ever. Just went on an on. After some hours, he finally says, “Let’s pray”. Which normally signals the end of the talk. And then he goes on for half an hour praying. We eventually turn it off – I never hear him finish. He might still be praying for all I know.

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