So here’s another random habit I have.

So you go grocery shopping, you bring home plastic bags, right? I refuse to throw any of them away. But I also refuse to bring them back to those recycling bins they have for the bags outside certain grocery stores. No idea why.

I insist that they be used for some practical purpose. For example, taking out the recycling in our house. Plastic bottles and whatnot. Or lining the bathroom garbage receptacles. Or taking out “dry” garbage. Something like that.

The thing is, you bring home a lot of plastic bags. So like, it’s a battle for me. I have to be vigilant or the pile of plastic bags just grows endlessly. That’s actually what happened the few first months of marriage. We accumulated enough plastic bags to fill a large garbage bag. So I declared war, and I’m maniacal about using these stupid plastic bags, emptying the recycling constantly, frequently changing the bathroom bins, etc. And after months of work, we’re down to being almost even again.

Is that not ridiculous? Why not just use what I need and bring the rest back to the recycling thing at Albertson’s? No clue. But that’s what I do.

Incidentally, I use paper grocery bags also. Put old newspapers in there and when it’s full, take that out to recycling. As if anyone cares.

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