Random Matrix note. But the number 101 comes up a lot. It’s Neo’s apt number in the first. Floor of the Merovingian in the 2nd. And the number of the highway of the huge car scene. What does it mean? No clue.

I liked that it was on the 101, I’m a loser like that. And I think there’s a shot with Morpheus on a truck where it shows a sign indicating the Marsh and Whipple exits coming up. If I recall correctly. I know where that is! Woo hoo!

As a side note, I watched Independence Day in Houston. If you recall, they nuke Houston in that movie, and when mentioning Houston, they do a quick establishing shot of a Houston highway. The thing is, the entire audience laughed because it showed a highway sign that didn’t look close to any highway sign in Houston. Random.

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