On a random whim I bought this book I talked about a long time ago, The Revenge of the Incredible Dr. Rancid and His Youthful Assistant, Jeffrey. I think I mentioned before it was one of my favorite books as a kid. Anyway, yeah, I still liked it, reading it again. Basically, I related to it a lot. Not all the details, but the heart of it. Being a super skinny kid, not athletic at all. There wasn’t a particular bully who picked on me, just the bully of popularity, if that makes any sense. In any case, I could relate to his feelings about bullying.

The thing I related to most though was him feeling that a girl would never like him. I dunno, that was really strong in me, growing up. I think I’ve said before how that was why in junior high, when a girl did like me, at first I didn’t believe it, and it had a huge effect on me. Anyway yeah, the details are pretty different but the book gets to the heart of all my feelings in elementary school, I think. I dunno.

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