I love Scattergories. That’s just me. The thing is, you’ll argue a lot, because everyone has a different criteria. Mine is this – things you would typically find in that category. Not things you would possibly find in that category – that could be anything. So prawns, I’m with. I dunno, I figure you’d typically find prawns at a beach, if you look hard enough. But Legos, no. You won’t typically find that in a suitcase. I dunno, if you go the anything possible route, it’s too inclusive. Just to me.

My favorite Scattergories answer I heard was for things that are black – linebackers. I’m down with that. Linebackers are typically black. It’s a good answer.

So anyway, the word “banal” really confuses me. How do you pronounce it? Ralph Barbieri always says “ba-NAHL”. I say “BAY-nell”. I looked in a dictionary and it’s absurd – basically any pronunciation is acceptable. I’m against that. If anything is acceptable, I’m going to pronounce it “foogy”.

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