Honestly, I have no thoughts. Work’s kicking my butt from here to eternity. But whatever, love of the game.

One thought though. I’m kinda depressed. Just, I have no fashion sense. Which is fine in itself. It’s just, I don’t think I even have hope of getting fashion sense. So what happened is this. This weekend we went shopping for shoes, me, Jieun, and another couple whom I consider pretty fashionable.

So every shoe I liked, the tasteful ones disliked. Just, they think it was in fashion 20 years ago. Mind you, I’m only 27. Depressing. So like, here’s a shoe I would buy. I dunno, I just like it. Jieun hates it. Especially the boot-like sole. Not just her, all of them. Way unfashionable, apparently.

So here’s an example of the kind of shoe Jieun wants me to get. Or this. She’s obsessed with getting me striped shoes. I dunno, to me they look hideous. But I did some research and apparently that style is in. The bowling shoe look is in. And wedge heel. Two things I hate.

But yeah, fashionable couple concurred and I found out some guys at church wear those kinds of shoes also. So I literally sat down one afternoon and looked at shoes like those and tried to like it. But for the life of me, I just can’t. And that’s depressing. It’s not that I don’t know what’s fashionable. I know but I don’t – *can’t* – like it. So there’s no hope for me, fashion-wise. I guess I’m stuck in the 80s. Maybe I’ll start pegging my pants again.

So I was telling them that I wish I were a rock star. You know, rock stars can wear whatever the heck they want. And they do. So yeah, I’d want to be a rock star just so I wouldn’t have to care about fashion. Their response: “If you wore those boots your career as a rock star would be short.” Ouch.

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