I often think about whether my children’s experiences will be the same as my own. Not that my childhood was ideal. It’s just, I had a really good childhood, I think, so if my children had a similar experience, it would be a happy thing. The thing is, I just don’t see that happening.

So like, we went camping this weekend. I dunno if I’ve ever mentioned this, but camping was a huge part of my childhood. For a long time, my family went camping at least once a year, and roughly with the same group of families every time. So I have a lot of fond memories of camping with certain people.

So with my children, I dunno if that’s gonna happen. Not the camping part. We’ll camp I’m sure. More the same group of families part. I just have no idea who that could possibly be, when I look at my life right now. And is it important? I dunno. I think the way we are right now, we know a good number of couples, are good friends with a decent number of couples, but I dunno if there’s a core group with whom we do most things socially like my parents had growing up. I just don’t know. And I dunno, it was just nice growing up with the same group of people.

Anyway, I realized that I spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how to maximally recreate my childhood experience for my kids academically, spiritually, socially, musically, and other ways. I’m not sure if this is a good thing. And I’m even less sure how possible that is. In a strange way, that makes me sad. I dunno if this makes any sense, but yeah.

Anyway, we did have a little Sunday devotional time and that made me happy. Just, that’s one of the strongest memories I have of camping. Sunday mornings, when the grownups would gather in a circle around the fire and have a little worship time. They’d sing hymns and speak in Korean I didn’t understand while the kids would screw around. I dunno, it was like a reassuring ritual that brought closure to the trip. It marked the last day of camping, time to go home. So in a little way, we recreated that experience this weekend and it made me happy.

Geez, boring. One random note. One afternoon while we were at a lake some animal came by and went through our food and trash. The interesting thing is, it took only a couple bites of an apple, but completely cleaned out this tub of cream cheese we had. I thought that was funny. Even animals prefer fatty foods to healthy fruits and vegetables. Random.

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