So I went paintballing for the first time over the weekend. I’m not sure if I’m a fan, still thinking it through. Mostly because of the last game. My problem is this: I play paintball like I do Counterstrike. And that is, with no mind towards defense. I don’t hide much, just think about offense. Which means I get hit a lot. I might as well be wearing a big target out there.

The last game was the worst, a close quarters game where you’re allowed to reincarnate if you get hit. I got hit a couple times and started over. Then, I got hit in the head. These players that bring their own gear have guns that shoot hard and fast. So it hurts. And if one hits you, a few more will also.

So I got pegged 3 times just above my right temple and it hurt like heckola. I immediately fell to the ground and just lay there in a sprawled position for a while, paralyzed by the shock and the pain. After minute I hear Irwin yell to me, “Are you OK?” And I thought about it, and said, “no”. I wasn’t OK. I dunno, it just hurt like crazy.

So yeah, I went out after that. Even being out of the game it sucked because the paint drips down into your eyes and you can’t remove your mask in the war zone so my eyes are stinging and I’m tearing like crazy and just have to suck up until the game is over. Not good times. Bad times.

I ended up getting a sizable welt on my head, went down after some icing, and it’s just a bruise now. I dunno, keep your head down when playing paintball I guess.

Whoa, boring entry. With no point. I dunno, I guess I just wonder why I’m like that with Counterstrike / Paintball, venturing forth offensively with no regard for safety. Because in real life, I never proceed without having tons of safeties and fallbacks in place. It’s one of my faults; I’m too conscientious in regards to decision making. But the exact opposite in paintball, to my detriment. Weird.

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