Our apartment smells more when Jieun is away. It’s not that it’s more filthy. I put dirty clothes in the laundry. I do the dishes. Everything’s in its right place. It just smells more. It’s most noticeable when I first walk in the apartment.

I don’t understand that. I fully recognize that guys just inherently smell more than girls. There’s a term for it in Korean, roughly, “bachelor smell”. I just don’t understand how girls neutralize that smell. That makes no sense to me. I can see how they don’t make it worse. But how do they neutralize it? Guys’ smell doesn’t just disappear. How exactly does that work?

I dunno, just one more reason I dislike it when Jieun’s away.

I seriously hope John’s wife’s powers of odor neutralization are powerful. I’m going to call her Glade.

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