I caught the last half of Minority Report the other day.

I think I gave it a positive review before but I take it back – it sucks. It just makes no sense. Even the first time, the last climactic scene between Tom Cruise and Max Von Sydow (I think that’s him) I thought made no sense, purely within the movie’s system. I now see how it’s possible, but it just brings up more confusing issues.

I think my basic problem with the movie is this: it tries to deal with both predestination and free will but does it in a wholly unsatisfying way that makes no sense. Essentially, they just completely ditch predestination, so the movie has nothing interesting to say about it. It’s pointless. I dunno, I could go on and on about it, but yeah, the movie affirms free will always, so anything it might say about predestination is a sham, because there is no predestination in the movie, and once you lose that, you lose anything interesting. You’re left with, people are more and less likely to take particular actions over others. That’s not interesting, that’s obvious. Boring.

I was saying this to Dave but yeah, like I always say, 12 Monkeys is the only sensical movie ever made about time travel. I think Matrix Reloaded is the only sensical movie ever made about free will / predestination. I hope Revolutions doesn’t screw it up.

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