I think I have a problem. I’ve been playing No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em like crazy. 6 times in the past few weeks with people, and this week I’ve been playing online with Slim. Last night played online with Dave, Joe, and Simon. Good times. This is after having gone to our church’s guys’ Poker Night. I dunno, not good.

I’m getting better. Like, I won poker night last night. But I dunno, I still suck. I’ve been losing tons of play money online. Which is good I guess, just, there’s no temptation to play for real money. If I can’t even win with play money, what’s the point. But yeah, the reason I suck is still the 1% problem, that 1 out of every 100 times I react emotionally instead of logically that wipes me out. Just like in life. I dunno, you can learn a lot about life through Texas Hold ‘Em and Dr. Mario. At a geometric rate.

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