So we played Pictionary the other night, after the boys beat the girls at Taboo. SN. Dunno if I’ve ever said this before, but yeah, I’m a fair Taboo clue giver. What I think I’m good at is guessing. I think I’m a fairly big asset to a team in that way. It’s just like Trivial Pursuit before Genus V. When you play enough, you get used to the Trivial Pursuit / Taboo ways. Like with Trivial Pursuit they frequently stick in little puns in the question that give away the answer. With Taboo, yeah, you just get a sense after a while of what people are trying to get at. I’m a loser.

OK, so the interesting thing with Pictionary was this. Again, it was guys against girls. So, at least at first, on All Plays, the guys would always start just drawing the item of interest, or the defining characteristic. Whereas women spent time establishing context. So like, with the word “skate”, guys draw a shoe with wheels, girls draw the entire body first. With cow, guys draw the udder first, a defining characteristic, girls draw the entire animal, spots, and then hone in. I dunno, it was just interesting.

I’m not sure how much this says about the difference between the sexes but I do think it says something. Have you heard this before? Ask someone to look at their fingernails. What guys do is put their palm facing them, and bend the fingers over so they see their nails facing down. Girls turn their palms facing away from them and look at the entire hand, nails facing up. What they say is that guys just care about looking at the nails, girls want to see their nails in the context of their hand. I dunno, interesting to me.

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