Our pastor made an interesting claim last Sunday. Regarding the idea, love the sinner, hate the sin. He was saying how Scripturally, that’s untrue – God hates the sinner. But it’s complex. Because He simultaneously loves sinners as well. But yeah, if you read Scripture, you find that God doesn’t just hate sin, but hates sinners as well.

I haven’t looked for this enough to know if it’s true, but I appreciated the spirit behind saying it. That being, don’t dumb down Scripture, just say it like it is. It’s more complex to say God both hates and loves sinners, but if that’s Scriptural, say it.

I dunno, my mantra is, life is complex, so it’s only right that if Christianity is true, not just epistemologically true but true to our experience, that it be complex as well. When we dumb down Christianity it *might* make things more accessible. But when we say it like it is I think it’s way more relevant.

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