So we played Pictionary again. Fairly humiliating. Four teams, our team the only one with no females on it. It was pretty close between the other three teams. We didn’t make it halfway across the board. We spent significant time just one square from the start. When the other teams were 2/3 across the board I started making sarcastic comments like, “Oh no, now we’re in last place!” We sucked.

I think what makes girls better isn’t that they draw better, it’s that they guess better. Some of those all plays the other teams won, I have no idea how they guessed it based on the pictures drawn. There’s just some weird sort of female intuition type stuff going on. That’s the advantage girls have, I think. Comparing pics, it’s not that our pics were that much worse, it’s just we couldn’t guess as well.

But actually, no, our team had some pretty horrific drawings. If I had to categorize them I’d call them “avant-garde”. Lots of abstract art going on with our team.