And yes, of course I played Marble Madness. And Tron. I was into Star Wars also, the vector game. I played but sucked at 720. One of the first games I was into was 10 Yard Fight. One of the most random games I was into was this game called Cliff Hanger. It was an animation type game, like Dragon’s Lair, but more fun, I thought. Pretty obscure.

We’d go to Oakridge Mall a lot and each time my mom would give me a single quarter. So I’d spend the first half hour scoping out the arcade (Bally’s Aladdin’s Castle) before I actually played my game. Then I’d play. So one game a week, that’s what I’d do. I played more at birthday parties when we went to Chuck E Cheese and they got a pizza and token deal. I was judicious there also, until we had to leave, and then all of us that had tokens left would spend it on Gauntlet.


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