I think the last time I really felt God spoke to me was in regards to church. Dunno if I’ve ever written about it. But yeah, back when we were looking for churches, that was the last thing I really prayed consistently and often for. Anyway, we heard about Baylight and I dunno, for lots of different reasons beyond just emotion that I won’t get into, I felt like God was calling us there. So I was making some bold claims at the time. Adrian can back this up if he remembers. Like, I was saying how that was definitely the church we were going to commit to before we had ever visited it, gone to a single event, or met anyone from the church.

In fact, again, I won’t get into it, but yeah, the first event we went to almost turned us away from it. But whatever, I dunno, I just felt led there even if it didn’t make tons of sense and Jieun actually initially didn’t see what was so special about it. And yeah, I think it’s where God wanted us and it’s been a huge blessing in many different ways. I dunno, I just feel like a lot of things Godly people were telling me ended up coming true, very Oracle-esque (Carrie Ann Moss’s last speech in the Matrix Oracle, not Larry Ellison Oracle). So it’s not like God never leads me and Jieun to risky places. And I guess that’s good to remember. It’s just I haven’t felt that with vocation yet.

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