Some honeymoon notes. Random.

So Tahiti is French territory, something like that, so tons of French people go there to vacation. One interesting thing about the French is that they drink wine with every single meal. Even on the plane, to the Frenchmen, they served these little bottles of red wine. Red wine with airline food. Love of the game.

The French’s reputation for having B.O. is well deserved. Egad.

Have you ever tried using a French keyboard? It’s absolutely maddening. It’s similar enough to the QWERTY layout that it makes you want to type normally but different enough that it’s impossible to do so. Like, certain letters are all mixed up. Punctuation is all over the place. One thing that made absolutely no sense to me – the top row, the numbers, are shifted, meaning you have to use shift to type the numbers. Huh? Does this make any sense at all? Logique? Ou etes-vous?

A useful note: “pepperoni” is not a meat in Tahiti. We learned that the hard way. Nor is “pizza sauce” what we think, the red tomato based stuff. “Pizza sauce” is something you add to your finished pizza, kind of like we do with parmesan and/or red pepper. It’s essentially spicy olive oil. Kind of interesting. But pizza’s greasy enough. Why you’d want to make it *more* oily is beyond me.

Everyone assumed we were Japanese. We were constantly greeted by “konichiwa” and given Japanese menus at restaurants. My question is, do Koreans vacation overseas? And where do they go? Will they ever reach a point where they pass out Korean menus to tourists? I dunno.

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