“Inspiration without application leads to frustration.” I rather like that. Nice quotation.

Joe’s Crab Shack is a national chain. There’s one in Lawrenceville, NJ. I don’t think it’s known for its food though. The most common description I’ve heard of it is “loud”.

I wonder how much of seafood in general is local, though. I found out recently that a lot of the places in SF like at Fisherman’s Wharf don’t use a whole lot of local fresh seafood, which kind of disturbed me. So when places have dishes I know are local, I try to get them. So like, in Houston, if the menu says like Gulf Shrimp, there’s a high probability I’ll get it. Not sure why. Apparently I like my seafood oily and high in mercury.

Another question, not sure if I asked on this page before, or if someone else asked it, but yeah, if it’s from a lake, like Lake Michigan, is it still called seafood? Or lakefood?

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