This weekend I was involved in a conversation with a bunch of 27 year olds, and half the guys were speaking knowledgeably about the cartoons Yu-Gi-Oh, Samurai Jack, and the Justice League. All of them attended Cal. I am not making a judgment here. I am simply stating a fact.

One thing I find odd (different, not bad) about SoCal is the fact that it’s possible for Koreans to live there without (almost) ever having to speak anything but Korean. I suppose that’s kind of possible up here also, but the sheer number of Korean businesses down there is insane. And the restaurants. Even the Japanese and Chinese restaurants we go to, they speak Korean. It’s crazy.

In case anyone cares, I think Blue Stones has become one of my favorite Korean places in the Bay Area. The kalbi is amazing, soft and incredibly flavorful. Last time we went we got this fish dish also that was very very good, on par with the origami bass at Straits.

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