Pet peeve.

I don’t get it when people don’t want the bands they like to be popular. Either they get annoyed when they get popular and stop listening to them or they want that they never get popular.

That makes zero sense to me. That’s not being a fan of the music, it’s being an elitist. Wanting to be the first and/or one of just a few to know about something. And I don’t understand that.

As for me, my goal is to get everyone to listen to the music I like that doesn’t get enough recognition. Why on earth would I want people to *not* listen to it? Makes no sense. So yeah, I try in little ways to be a music evangelist. Everyone knows Out Of The Grey is my primary obsession but I dunno if people know the extent of it. I have in the past stockpiled their CDs when I found it super cheap to give away to people. And I’ve honestly spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how to become a secular record company executive so I could buy their catalog and rerelease it with strategic single releases of their good songs to again, give them the popularity they deserve. I’m a loser.

One last note. I’ve written about this before. Anyway, stereo is really fascinating. Obviously, if you make a sound come louder from one side than the other, it sounds like it’s coming from that direction. We did this exercise in a music class at Stanford where we’d listen to a song on good headphones and identify the location of each sound. Really interesting. I did Charlie Peacock’s Insult Like The Truth, a great song.

Anyway yeah, another interesting effect is delay. If you do a stereo delay, you get more a full enveloping effect than a location effect. It’s really interesting.

At any rate, if you’re ever bored, listen to the last track of Out Of The Grey’s self-titled album sometime just one side at a time, first left, then right. They use an *extreme* delay effect on the vocals, and when you listen to just the delay side it sounds totally bizarre. But together, makes the song incredibly ethereal and airy. Great song.

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