Why do women view men as projects to be fixed? That vaguely disturbs me. At Promise Keepers, there was a nary a word about how to fix or improve the people in our lives. It was all about what we could do for them. Some in our group felt it was maybe too one-sided in that way, asking what if there is legitimately something wrong with the other person. Maybe. But I for one liked the focus being on ourselves. I think it’s more “Christian”. Maybe I’m wrong.

As always I’m grateful for Jieun because she’s not like other women. I dunno, I think she encourages me the right way. I think I’m getting better also, what do you think, honey? Just, like all men, my first instinct is to fix all her problems. (Which is different I think than trying to fix people. Or maybe it’s not. I dunno.) But I think I’ve gotten a lot better with that, being more supportive instead. Only Jieun can really say though I guess.

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