World Series notes:

  • Was I the only one angry at Yankee Stadium facilities? After the Marlins won, they started playing “New York, New York”. What the heck was that? I dunno, very unclassy.
  • I also really dislike it when interviewers bring up uncomfortable side issues, especially contract issues. They mentioned it both to McKeon and Pudge. Why do this? What do they expect them to say? Of course they’ll say they don’t want to think about that now, just want to savor the moment. They always always do. So why they ask the question… drives me bonkers.
  • Pudge thanked Jesus. I went to his foundation’s site and it says his favorite book is the Bible. It also says he wants to end his career with the Rangers. Whoops.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I think like Josh Beckett looks like a cross between Curt Schilling and James Hetfield of Metallica. Is that a stretch? I dunno. + =

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