I watched Reloaded again over the weekend. It really does get better with further viewings. I think I said this before. But the first time, the philosophy is so front and center it obscures everything else, and if you dig that, it’s great, otherwise, frustrating. But with further viewings, it’s a little more obscured and other things like plot, the action sequences, etc, which are normally the first impression in other movies, come out more.

And the plot / action scenes are really quite amazing. I dunno, Reloaded kind of fell victim to its own hype, but independent of it, it’s pretty incredible. Like the highway scene – it really is amazing. I dunno, I think the movie has the best action sequences ever committed to film. It’s up there with Drunken Master II. The beauty of the movement is incredible. The burly brawl, yeah, I understand the CGI criticisms, but it’s really interesting, like how the virtual camera moves. Even the “little” scenes, like Neo’s fight with Seraph is really awesome.

Anyway, I’m super pumped for Revolutions, which is supposedly less confusing than Reloaded. Anyone want to go to opening night with me?

SN. I’m not a fan of the San Jose Centuries anymore. Once upon a time, they had the best sound around, no question. But the last few movies I’ve seen there, the sound has been disappointing. With the limited number of screens, the fact that they only take cash, and the somewhat awkward seating, I’d rather go to Mercado nowadays, Asian high schoolers and all.

The best picture and sound is, I guess obviously, IMAX. Reloaded was incredible on IMAX. Hmm, supposedly Revolutions on IMAX comes out the same day as the normal movie. I’m torn… do I watch the first time on IMAX or watch normally then on IMAX later? Is it worth taking a day off of work to see it? Hmm.

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