This week, the #4 song on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Chart is I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. There’s so many odd things about that. #1, that a song that so explicitly mentions Jesus is so high on the charts. #2, it’s odd to me because the song is so old. Why is it popular now? And I’ve mentioned this before, right? They’ve been playing it at the AMC Theaters for years.

I also find the song odd because it’s a “worship” song that’s not a worship song. Maybe I’m the only one that feels that way. But I dunno, I can’t imagine (ha!) singing it in worship. It’s just not that kind of song. Maybe it’s just me.

As a side note, a bunch of Christian artists are recording an album of U2 covers, apparently arranged by Bono to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa. The track list is interesting. Some I can see (Delirious – Pride). Some sound intriguing (tobyMac – Mysterious Ways). Others seem bizarre (Chris Tomlin – Where The Streets Have No Name???). Intriguing.

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