Watched a couple movies recently, My Sassy Girl (finally) and Terminator 3.

I don’t get the hype with My Sassy Girl. I liked the ending. But the girl made me so uncomfortable the entire movie. The whole time I was thanking my lucky stars that 1) Jieun is more attractive and 2) Jieun is not like that girl. Egad. What’s the appeal? No clue. 2.5 stars.

T3 was better than I expected. 3.5 stars. It’s interesting watching it after watching the Matrix movies, because T3 hints at certain issues that are explored in way more depth in the Matrix, namely fate and free will, man vs. machine, purpose, stuff like that. It’s surprising to see that at all in an action movie; the piddling ways in which its done show all the more how much deeper the Matrix movies are. I’m not saying the Matrix movies were more “successful”. They’re just unquestionably deeper, and I have a certain amount of admiration for that, just the attempt.

Anyway, T3 tried to resolve some of the problems from T2 in the only logical (12 Monkeys) way, not totally successfully, but admirable, I thought. T2 is a way better movie though. T2 is seriously the perfect action film. Groundbreaking effects used in a great way, good suspense, humor. Great movie.

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