For the record, I cried during School of Rock also. Disturbing. It’s not even a crying movie. Issues.

What I liked about Love Actually (spoilers, kinda) was that it wasn’t all superficial lovey dovey stuff. Some of it was, and that part whatever. But I dunno, it looked at different parts of love that pleasantly surprised me. Like how love also involves pain. When you lose someone. Agony, when you don’t have someone. Sacrifice. I loved the Laura Linney thing. The tension between romantic and sacrificial love. I dunno, I found the scene with her brother really moving.

I liked what the kid said, about there being no worse agony than being in love. Ain’t that the truth. I dunno, the movie was good about that I think, that love isn’t just all fairy tale goodness. It’s more that love amplifies everything. Makes the joy even greater. But makes the pain more acute also. Pain of loss, betrayal, unattainability, whatever. I dunno, I jive with that.

And I actually liked the Colin Firth story, believe it or not. It just made me think. Like, how much verbal communication is required for love to happen? That’s an interesting idea to me. I’ve thought in the past that it’s absolutely essential, maybe the number one thing, but I dunno anymore. Like my Korean has deteriorated to the point that I can barely communicate with my grandmother, but we still clearly love each other. Yeah, I know, romantic love is totally different. I’m just thinking about it, is all. How much verbal communication you need in love. Or at least to fall in love.

So bully for you, John.

Anyway, yeah, not a perfect movie, it’s just a little too much in general, but it made me think, and that’s the most I can ask for.

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