I realized (again I guess) this weekend that I was fairly sheltered growing up. And I’m actually really happy about that. I don’t think it left me any less able to handle the “real” world. Quite the contrary. I think it gave me a better perspective on what’s important and what’s necessary for happiness and what have you. And made me more able to wisely handle the “real” world. I dunno, I’m just very grateful for my childhood.

The weird thing about my childhood is that I feel like I was always surrounded by “good” kids. And I wonder a lot how much of that was my own influence, and how much was just coincidence. The reason I wonder is, I dunno, like I’ve said this before, but I’ve never cussed in my life. The thing is, my closest friends didn’t cuss either. I’m not talking just about church friends. But at school either. And my closest friends in school were this Japanese guy who was active in the Buddhist community in San Jose, and this Indian guy who was (at least nominally) Hindu. None of us ever swore. Japanese guy went to different Jr. High, but Indian friend and I never swore all the way through high school. And I find that really peculiar.

Anyway, cussing is just an easy example. In general, I think I’ve always been surrounded by “good” people and I feel lucky for that. I’d like to think that part of it was my influence, that I made my friends more “good” but I think in reality it was providence. Which I’m grateful for.

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