It’s Thanksgiving and I should probably be writing something holy about what I’m thankful for. Instead, I’m gonna write about a sale that CompUSA had last night, from 6 PM to 12. I’ve never seen anything like it. I stopped by just before 6, thought I’d get there a little early, try and get a hard drive. Little did I know. The line to get in stretched from the door all the way down the entire strip mall. The entire parking lot was completely packed. People had been waiting there for hours. For a computer store sale! It was absolutely insane.

The great thing was, everyone in line was an out and out nerd. Just tons of dorky glasses and questionable fashion sense. In other words, I fit right in. I hadn’t seen that many nerds in one place since the opening of Star Wars, and to a lesser extent, whenever Blackwelder (Stanford grad dorm) gave out free food. Good times.

I love that about Silicon Valley. That’s it’s a place were nerds aren’t just tolerated, but embraced. One of those things I’m thankful for.

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