I’m currently working my way through the Mega Man games and Mega Man 5 is significantly easier than Mega Man 4. MM4 is just ridiculous. Capcom must have realized that and toned it down for MM5.

I’ve also been rereading Linda Lee’s biography of Bruce Lee (which is utterly fascinating) and she says something interesting. She had a lot of Asian female friends in high school, which surprised me. This is Seattle in the 50s, and she says her school was 20% Asian. I dunno, I tend to think Asian invasions are a recent thing but I guess they happened in pockets a long time ago all over the U.S., to a lesser extent. Not sure why I find that interesting, I just do.

I’ve written all the time about the sucky things you go through being super skinny growing up. Not finding clothes that fit. Not being able to tuck in your shirt without looking ridiculous. Here’s another thing normal people might not realize. So, like the rest of my body, I had/have skinny feet. So rental shoes/boots/whatever never quite fit, no matter how tight I make it. What this means is, stuff like ice skating and skiing is really exhausting, because my feet aren’t totally secure, and that increases the effort required to maintain stability an insane amount. Especially with skiing, I’ve been to a lot of places, gotten a lot of help, and no matter how tight I make it, I’ve never worn boots in which my feet are secure. Just one of those things you have to deal with.

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