I’m going to stop pointing out how these entries are boring. The great thing about the Web is, you don’t have to read anything, it’s not like in person conversation or the phone or even e-mail. So love it or leave it.

I finally watched Matrix Revolutions on IMAX. Like Reloaded, it’s both better the second time around and better on IMAX. Although it’s not quite as impressive as Reloaded on IMAX. That was awesome. But it was still pretty good, especially the machines attacking Zion – very cool. Anyway, I liked the movie a lot better this time. It’s back up to between 3 and 3.5 stars.

Sorry, but I still have a lot of thoughts about the movie, and since no one cares, you might want to check out now.

I’m still angry at people who think the ending should have been fundamentally different. I do think it could have been much better. But at its core, it had to involve a peace between man and machines. Because like I keep saying, a key point in the last two movies is the equivalence between man and machine. If you can’t see that, I have no idea which movies you were watching. It’s evident in Neo’s talk with Councillor Hamann about men needing machines, vice versa, the talk about the Merovingian, him wanting power, him wanting pleasure, Architect saying how Neo carries source, the talk with Rama-Kandra in the train station about machines, love, and karma, Smith infecting Bane, tons of other stuffs. This idea is everywhere.

And if that’s true, philosophically, the ending needs to involve some mutual respect between machines and man. It’s not the status quo – there’s a fundamentally different understanding about what “life” is. Machines, as conscious beings, are as worthy of life as humans. So it’s doesn’t make sense to destroy them. So it had to end with some kind of peace. The problem is, the movie doesn’t make this point well at all, doesn’t really emphasize this paradigm shift so in the end it feels like not much has changed.

In any case, I find it interesting but I disagree with all the philosophy of the third movie. I’ll write about that some other time though, maybe.

Did everyone watch the Animatrix? One of them is really interesting, what happens is they capture a machine and then a bunch of them plug in with the machine and attempt to essentially convert it. There’s so many fascinating ideas in this one. Like, they talk about why it’s important to convert it instead of reprogramming it, which is interesting. This machine doesn’t speak so they convert it through visual ideas, which brings up a bunch of interesting ideas about language and communication. And then this machine falls in love. I dunno, it’s just a really interesting short.

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