Another thing that came up during that Whitney conversation was that Whitney people pull all nighters all the time, but they’re social all nighters. They’re “studying”, but gabbing and eating pizza while they’re doing it. And that’s another thing I completely didn’t relate to.

I’m both grateful and regretful for where I went to school, an all male Jesuit high school. I think more grateful than regretful. But there were bad parts. The biggest one I think was that I never felt like I quite fit in anywhere.

That played itself out in different ways. So like, one thing I can’t relate to is pulling all nighters in high school. I may have done it a couple times, but nothing regular. I got plenty of sleep. Henry I think has said before how he had to work much harder in high school than in college. Not me. Didn’t work hard, got plenty of sleep, it was pretty easy. The main reason why I think was that I did almost no extracurricular activities, and when you don’t do anything else, academics aren’t that much work. And the reason I didn’t do anything was I didn’t feel like I fit in. At any rate, pulling regular all nighters in high school – totally foreign to me.

Can’t relate to social studying either. Again, because of the not fitting in thing. But yeah, I always studied on my own, and I think that’s when I developed my solo warrior tendencies that last with me to this day. Studying/working with other people is, to me, a waste of time. To get stuff done, I need to hunker down by myself and do it. It’s a really terrible attitude, just something that developed by doing everything alone during those years, I think.

I dunno, it’s weird how random influences form you. But yeah, my tendencies of not working too hard and working on my own were formed by building those habits in high school I think. And a lot because I didn’t fit in. Anyway.

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