As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Survivor All-Stars‘ first episode airs after the Super Bowl Feb. 1. Honestly, I’m freaking excited. I know it’s not hip to still watch Survivor. But I like the freedom of indulging in unhipness, cultural elites be darned.

What I don’t understand is, when I tell people I watch Survivor, no one can believe I’m still watching it. The thing is, the most recent Survivor, which ended not too long ago, was the #2 show on TV. It got higher ratings than Friends. So tons of people are watching it. How come I don’t know any besides me and Jieun? Maybe Sam?

Anyway, I find Madonna endorsing Gen. Clark ridiculous. It’s not the endorsement itself, it’s more what she said. “I think he has a good handle on foreign policy.” Uh, the man studied at Oxford, is a 4-star general, and was Supreme Allied Commander for NATO. I don’t think he needs freaking Madonna to vouch for his foreign policy knowledge. If I were him, quite frankly, I’d be offended. But whatever.

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