Whew. Just got my rebates for the best deal I’ve gotten in a while, 160 GB HD from Fry’s for $60. Nerd joy ensues.

So at work they’ve been stocking the cooler with Dasani and some obscure bottled water brand, can’t even remember the name. 80% of the bottles are Dasani. But me and everyone else grabs the other brand first. Dunno why everyone else does it, but I did because it’s from mountain spring water, something like that, whereas Dasani is just “purified” so no clue where it comes from. I generally do that when I get bottled water, try to get the stuff that comes from mountains.

Now they’ve replaced that obscure mountain brand with Aquafina. My two water choices are both from “purified” sources, and I don’t know which one to go with. I once read the label for Aquafina and it listed as the source: Houston Municipal Water Supply. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m paying money for Houston Municipal water. I don’t care how purified it is. In this case I’m not paying for the water, but still.

Thing is, I hate Dasani. It has this weird plastic-y taste. Anyway. Not that anyone cares about bottled water.