I’m about to make another grand, sweeping, inaccurate overgeneralization. But it seems to me that the Asians that get most riled up about ethnic issues seem to come from areas where there are many Asians. That’s interesting to me. Because they’re less likely to have experienced racism themselves, I’d think, there being so many Asians around them. So why are they more sensitive to perceived affronts to Asians?

I’m not making any value judgments here, which is better or worse. My theory though is the more you get, the more you want. It’s like Houston with housing. Since they all have houses, everyone wants a bigger house. Whereas in the Bay Area, people our age are content with (or at resigned to) having modest places. In places like SoCal, Asians are used to being treated as equals, so they’re more demanding of stuff like that. Perhaps rightly so. But that’s my theory.

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