Weather’s been incredible lately. 80 balmy degrees. I love the Bay Area.

So I’m a wuss. We were hanging out in downtown Seattle on Friday night, and we come out of a Barnes and Noble when we see Justin Davis and Rob Little walking around with two random white girls. In town for the UW game I guess. I debate with myself whether I should go up to them and talk to them, maybe take a picture with them, I go back and forth while they’re walking away. At one point I run after them but midway I wuss out and just turn around and walk back, saying nothing to them. A Cal grad friend makes up for my wussiness by yelling “Go Cardinal!” to which they turn and pump their fists.

I have no idea why I’m such a wuss. It’s not even like they’re famous. Why can’t I just go up to them? I dunno, I’m just timid like that. It’s embarrassing that a Cal (female) grad has more balls than me. I feel even worse because I’m pretty sure we lost the game because I didn’t say anything to them that night. Stupid me.

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