So I drive a ’91 Toyota Corolla. The important stuff, like the engine, is in great shape. The interior though is slowly falling apart. The knob to the driver side window (I don’t have power windows) fell off a couple years ago. Random parts of the LED clock are always on, so it’s hard to tell what time it is. Interior light, broken. 2 huge cracks in the windshield. The covering for the light on the back window fell off. You can’t open the rear passenger side door from the outside. The exterior is also in bad shape. On the roof and trunk, a lot of both the paint and base are gone.

All these things are a little annoying but not a huge deal. I’ve had a bigger problem recently though – the headboard is falling down. You know, the inside roof is sagging. This has actually happened over more than a year. Bubbles started to appear, and then entire sections sagged down. This past week, the back part has reached a point where it’s dangerous – it sags so low it blocks the entire rear glass.

I dunno, how do you fix something like this? I tried some 3M spray adhesive, but the foam inside keeps it from sticking. I currently have the back taped up with packing tape but that’s not gonna last for a long time. Do I go to the dealer? Auto detailer? No clue.

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