Pastor made some interesting points on Sunday, kinda relevant to that is it OK to buy a nice car thing I was writing about before. It’s obviously true that buying a nice car is in itself OK. Freedom in Christ. What’s wrong though, wrong in the sense of anti-Biblical, is what some people say about it, that’s it’s purely a personal thing. A choice needs to be made, but it’s decidedly not personal. The Scriptures tell us that as Christians, we’re called to willingly limit our freedom for the sake of other people. So the question isn’t am I OK with it, but is it loving to others. I like that.

Another good point: the word “stumble” is misused a lot in some Christian circles. If I understand it right, stumbling someone doesn’t mean possibly causing someone to be tempted. It’s much stronger, it means leading them towards a path that would cause them to reject Christ. Reading the relevant passages in the NT, I think that’s right. So like, Henry buying a $200 car cover he never uses isn’t stumbling. It’s just a waste.

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